How to handle the munchies !

after a Hard day’s work and vaping i like to wind down at a little pizzeria called Brooklyn Pizzeria. The food is great I am a pizza head so I fit in Just fine here. I can vape inside without being bothered while I enjoy a beer and some garlic knotsā€¦ Check it out !

Brooklyn Pizzeria on Urbanspoon


What we plan to do here at pack for your pen !

Hello Prez here and thank you for visting my blog !

Above is a short video explaining what we do here at pack for your pen !

We want your opinion ! What e cigs suck ? What flavors do you love ? What kind of pen do you own ?

Let us know we want you to get involved with us because it will cetainly pay when we give away prizes !

We will be giving away Prizes soon in April so you guys stay posted !

Please leave a comment we love feedback !