Pack for your pen 420 giveaway by PreztheBeaz

Congratulations to everybody who received a free prize! Thank you all for participating and remember to stay tuned in for chances to win like these 2 lucky winners! This is just a quick video announcing the winners of our giveaway and showing what they won! Yall be safe and keep it 420..
Happy Vaping


Y’all ready? if not i won’t do it yet..

Prez here with Pack for your pen hope yall keepin it 420 over there!


  • We have been hard at work in the lab cookin up some new content for you guys out there packin you pen, i call it season 2 .. And Yeah, it’s just sitting here… coolin off on the back burner i just can’t tell if yall ready or not..
  • Don’t Forget WE ARE GIVING AWAY FREE PRIZES ON 4/20 2014 and right now only 1 person is in the running so she’s got the pen coming!
  • Email me @ with 4/20 GIVEAWAY  in the subject line and your name inside of the message for a FREE CHANCE TO WIN!!!
  • Happy smoking vaping! 

PROFIT ( J.F.S. ) – Preazthebeaz

It was a nice day out so i decided to shoot this video i had fun and i hope you have fun watching checkout my other music videos too! all shot by Ms Packman she does great work email her @ .
Happy Vaping!

2nd show off the TOUR vaping on stage!!!

Footage of PreztheBeaz ft. Torey performing live + a quick interview about my show i had in Raleigh, North carolina at a coast 2 coast event. Enjoy you guys and happy vaping!!

What can i use in place of a lighter?

No lighter? No problem all of the vape pens we sell are multipurpose 3in1 e cigarettes but did you know they can light your cigarettes or what ever you rolling up too? happy Vaping!

Amazing Smoke trick with Vape Pen, Electronic cigarette that you can’t do with tobacco cigarettes!

Just a quick video showing you guys a lil smoke trick i picked up at a party that you can do to impress all the beautiful girls and cool kats!


Which is better for you ? Cigarettes ? or Electronic pen ?
check out my video to find out !

How to handle the munchies !

after a Hard day’s work and vaping i like to wind down at a little pizzeria called Brooklyn Pizzeria. The food is great I am a pizza head so I fit in Just fine here. I can vape inside without being bothered while I enjoy a beer and some garlic knots… Check it out !

Brooklyn Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

Vitamin smoke Purple Haze relaxation blend e liquid review

Prez here just a quick review on the vitamin smoke brand purple haze relaxation blend i liked it because it puts you to sleep and it doesn’t have that nasty taste like alot of other relaxation blends.