Pack for your pen 420 giveaway by PreztheBeaz

Congratulations to everybody who received a free prize! Thank you all for participating and remember to stay tuned in for chances to win like these 2 lucky winners! This is just a quick video announcing the winners of our giveaway and showing what they won! Yall be safe and keep it 420..
Happy Vaping


Y’all ready? if not i won’t do it yet..

Prez here with Pack for your pen hope yall keepin it 420 over there!


  • We have been hard at work in the lab cookin up some new content for you guys out there packin you pen, i call it season 2 .. And Yeah, it’s just sitting here… coolin off on the back burner i just can’t tell if yall ready or not..
  • Don’t Forget WE ARE GIVING AWAY FREE PRIZES ON 4/20 2014 and right now only 1 person is in the running so she’s got the pen coming!
  • Email me @ with 4/20 GIVEAWAY  in the subject line and your name inside of the message for a FREE CHANCE TO WIN!!!
  • Happy smoking vaping!